Which android to buy?

hi! i’m a non-tech savvy prop master working on a show that plans to use stage caller for 3 different phones. my sound dept. requested i buy android phones, but i don’t have more information than that. is there a model that works best? the show takes place in 2013- are androids from that era too old to run this app reliably? we’re buying unlocked phones from ebay- do they need a sim card to run this? any help would be greatly appreciated- i’m a real dummy about these things. many thanks!

there are way too many Android phones in the wild, and some of them really suck, so I can’t guarantee that each device will work 100%

that being said - StageCaller should work on any Android device running Android 4.1 or better - since 4.1 came out in mid 2012 I think you’ll be fine

I developed StageCaller on a samsung gt-i8190 (I do not recommend this device) and a nexus 5x (which I do recommend - although it’s from 2015)

you’ll probably need to buy a few and test them out - or better yet push this on your sound department and make them choose

thank you for getting back so quickly!
wish i could make sound do it- but things never quite shake out that way.
we’re planning to purchase a nexus 4 and a galaxy s2 to test- will let you know how it goes.