Trigger sounds from another iOS device?

I’m wondering if it’s feasible to use another iOS device as the trigger. Perhaps StageCaller is trying to kill a fly with a rocket launcher, but for simple uses (class exercises in my case) it’d be great to have the app on two phones and have one trigger another.

Ideally an iPhone could create an ad-hoc network with another, but I’m fairly sure that’s not possible. But perhaps Bluetooth could be a good peer-to-peer connection for smaller spaces.

Maybe this is a separate “Lite” app.

there are a few apps out there that’ll send osc (like the wonderful app “touchosc”) - but that also seems like a fly/rocketlauncher thing…

if nothing else it might be nice to have the an easy way to trigger stagecaller actions from an ios device just for testing actions… I’ll think about this and get back to you