Trigger an action on swipe or when one finishes

Love to see this.

Trigger an action on swipe or when one finishes

Can you explain further? Currently, a swipe can be used to stop an action - i.e. - when one swipes, the ringtone or effect playing is stopped.

Are you suggesting that the “stop the ring” swipe could also trigger another action? Or are you looking for the ability for the actor to then generate further sounds directly? We’ve been looking at ways to remove control from the actor (having had a few incidents with actors accidentally disabling the phone after pickup). Our goal has been mainly to allow control of the device from a show computer, rather than the other way around. Certainly, if one wanted to have the phone user then go on to trigger sounds manually, another app would be totally usable - in other words - if you wanted the actor, having swiped to pick up, to be able to play audio from the device’s music library, or with an app like Bloom, they can absolutely go on and do that - Stagecaller runs in the background, so other applications on the phone can be used. And Stagecaller cues can still be triggered from FOH while the performer is doing whatever they want to be doing.

But maybe I’m not understanding your request correctly.

I perform a one man show. I have Qlab fire the ring iphone command via a GO BUTTON on my belt. I could trigger the next sound via hitting the go button again but it would more natural to have the option to play sound X when the ring tone is answered. You would still have option of not using this trigger so that an actor doesn’t screw it up. To me it would make the action of “answering” the phone totally natural.

I get it! That’s a great idea.

We would want to attach the sound to individual actions - so each action could have its own “swipe” sound response internal to the device.

We could ALSO look at having the swipe send an OSC cue back out - so your swipe could conceivably trigger a new sound from QLab, or whatever else is listening in on a particular channel or for a particular cue. So you wouldn’t be limited to a sound from the device…

Let’s DO IT!!!

This would also be cool if could trigger the next cue. We’re sending the offstage side of a phone conversation in as a separate cue after the ring, and if it could be automatically triggered by the actor’s swipe (or by the ring action terminating), it would be more reliable than the SM taking the next cue off of the actor’s swipe (which is sometimes completes more quickly than the ring audio completes).