The app is too silent - Or: any way of activating the loudspeaker?

first of all, thanks for the app. I was thrilled to see there’s anything like it.

I’ll be using it to trigger recorded “phone calls” coming from the actual phone. For that, I need the audience to hear the recording but it’s just too silent. From testing, I know that calls on the loudspeaker should be loud enough, but the app only seems to use the “normal” speakers and not the “loud” ones. (Not sure about the terminology here, hope it’s clear.)

I’m using the iOS version on iPhone 6s but I assume Android will have the same issue. Will test later.

By the way, using the loudspeaker would help even for other sounds like fake messages coming in. I’ve been manually upping their volume by about +10dB in a sound-editing software but that obviously makes them sound “overexposed” (again lacking terminology here). Again, the hardware of the phone seems able to produce more volume, it’s just the app isn’t using all the speakers.


The app does, indeed, use the full speaker capacity of the phone. You want to make sure the Action has both Action Volume and Device Volume set to full. There is also the experimental “Volume Multiplier” you can try - it’s under settings - Experimental. It’s hit or miss, but you can try it.

The main thing is that you want to normalize your source audio before you put it onto the phone in your DAW - you want the fullest volume of sound content possible. If it’s very dynamic, you may want to use some compression, too.

Let us know if any of this helps!

Thanks for the tips! I’ll see what I can do with further editing.

Where can I find the experimental multiplayer? Can’t find it on iOS, maybe it’s only in the Android version?

experimental is under the settings page, scroll all the way to the bottom under the version and about sections

Great, thanks, that works wonders. iOS works well then.

Does anyone know if the Experimental section is in the Android app too?

no - the android app does not have an experimental settings area - it doesn’t need it

the whole android app is experimental

Thank you for all your tips. After further testing with both the iOS and Android apps, I can tell that the experimental volume multiplier does wonders!

However, I can only find it in iOS and not Android. Is it not supported there yet?