Swipe to stop not working

I have 4 iPhones for a production, 2 5s, and a 4s and a 4. None of them will stop with a swipe. I have the notifications turned on. What is wrong?
I can stop it with an OSC stop cue.

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well - it should work… what version of iOS?

hmm - just tested on iOS 10.0.1 with an iphone 6 - swipe notification doesn’t light up the lock screen - although when you hit the home button (to turn on the screen) the notification is visible and works

although that shouldn’t affect your iphone4 since it doesn’t run 10 - last I checked 7/8/9 were fine with notifications… I’ll charge up my 4s and see what I can find out

The 5s are running 10.1. The 4s or whatever it is, is 9.3.5 and the 4 is 7.1.2.

I have a work around with OSC stop cues but it would be nice if the actor could stop the ringing.

so, assuming the device display is off - you trigger an action and the device performs the action ( a sound/vibration happens), but the screen does not turn on and put up a notification that says “stagecaller is ringing”

first - if, while the action is running (sound is playing), you touch the home button (or side button) does the notification show up on the (now visible) lock screen? (this is what I’m seeing on ios 10.0.1)

if it doesn’t we probably have a documentation problem (meaning I didn’t document how to use stagecaller very well - which is a solvable problem)

if you do see a notification on the now lit screen, then it’s a bug - and I can’t solve it easily or quickly

basically, my worry is you’re seeing a bug that hits ios 7 through 10 - and that seems odd… I can confirm ios 10.0.1 is a problem - but, for what it’s worth, this bug on 7/8/9 shouldn’t happen

that being said - I’ll have my test devices charged up by tomorrow morning and run through some tests

iphone 4s running ios 9.3.5 handles swipe to stop correctly - I’m still looking at 10.x

when you installed the app, did you click “ok” or “don’t allow” when the “StageCaller would like to send you notifications” dialog came up? I remember there used to be an inconsistency in ios where clicking “don’t allow” and then turning on notifications for stagecaller manually in settings didn’t actually allow notifications… of course, the only way to test that out is to delete and reinstall the app

I should note that I have deleted and reinstalled the app on my old 4s, disallowed notifications, loaded a sound from dropbox, created an action with 5x repeat, swipe to stop and an osc trigger - verified that the swipe notification doesn’t show up with notifications off, turned on notifications manually, and verified that swipe notification does display correctly on the lock screen…

perhaps we should go back to basics - could you backup the 4s stagecaller config (from the stagecaller settings screen) and send me that zip file? I doubt it’ll help since it sounds like you have your action configured correctly

Actually, the 4s is not a problem. All it’s doing is a text tone. It’s the 4 that has most of the call action. I don’t have time today to back up and send. I’ll try tomorrow or the next time I test the phones. Thanks for you help on this. I’ll give you a complete rundown when I do. We don’t open until Nov 4. We tech this weekend.

given that you’re in tech this weekend, if you can find a way around the swipe to stop by using any other method (use emergency stop on volume change and/or stop trigger, or stop on pickup) I think it would be best… the stop on swipe was always awkward to begin with

I’ve known that I need to rewrite stagecaller for some time now - but I prioritized writing the android version (where stop on swipe doesn’t work yet) - ios10 has a new api (callkit) that I’d like to take advantage of which’ll make stagecaller events look more like inbound calls - unfortunately that’ll be restricted to ios10 devices…

regardless, if you’re within 50 miles of nyc - I’d be happy to stop by and see what’s happening with my own eyes…

Thank you for your concern. I’ve made a work around with OSC stop cues that work fine.
Unfortunately, I’m not anywhere near NYC. I’m in San Antonio, TX. We are The Classic Theatre of San Antonio ( www.classictheatre.org ) The show is School for Scandal, updated to use cel phones for the gossip and stuff.
If after the show opens, I have some free time, I might write a Quick Start Manual for Stage Caller. I learned a lot doing the set up that is not in your ?documentation? .

Tried to back up the iPhone 4 and received the message from StageCaller that the backup failed…3 times.???

there’s nothing more embarrassing (for me) than having your code fail for a user and you can’t do anything - you could try disconnecting the device from dropbox/google and then re-authenticate it… it might make a difference - there’s enough inconsistency within each ios version where the best thing you can do sometimes is to wipe and restore the device, but even as I type this I know I’m just pushing the blame on apple

if you have the time to write anything as a quick start that would be greatly appreciated - it’s hard for me to understand how to explain stagecaller to the theater-tech crowd

I did put a basics video at https://youtu.be/bbon-vSKk9o - I’ve been seriously underachieving when it comes to writing documentation