Struggling to get Airport Extreme to work properly with midi network

Hi All,

I am currently setting up a StageCaller system and have run into some difficulties any help would be greatly appreciated, we start TECH in 3 days.

I have a macbook pro osx 10.9.4 and a airport extreme wifi router

The Iphone is visible in midi network setup directory window but will only “connect” if I am acessing the wifi network using the macbook pro’s wi fi. i.e. if I connect the macbook pro with the router via a cat5/6 cable and turn off macbook wifi the phone wont “connect”

Also If the airport extreme is not connected to the internet the phone will also not connect.

I rekon I have set up the airport in some odd way. Is there a way to resolve these issues by setting the airport up without internet access.

any help greatly appreciated I’ve been struggling with this for days.

This definitely sounds like an airport setup issue.
I’d suggest starting this way:

  1. Turn off computer wifi
  2. Disconnect the computer from any physical external network - i.e. make sure it’s not plugged into a router and then into the airport extreme (for now).
  3. Connect the computer the the airport
  4. Set up your network - make sure the computer sees the airport, gets a TCP/IP address, etc.
  5. Add the iPhone.

You should not be using the internet at all - the main thing is to avoid an external network connection - so you’re creating a closed, local network, with no internet access. If/when you need to get Stagecaller updates, or update your audio files, then you can put the phone online.

Does this makes ense?

Ahh, I’ve fixed it. It was incorrect settings on the airport extreme.

Thanks for the response I had just mucked up the airport extreme settings.

now midi works time to look at OSC.

Love the app by the way, excellent work