StageCaller on multible access point?

Hi. I have been testing StageCaller for a week now, and it seem to do the job real good.

I have on problem tough. To make sure I have network-connection all over the stage, I have to put up 2 access-point. When the Phone switch from on to the other, it loos connection to the MIDI-network. And it take up to 5 minutes for it to reconnect.

Is it passable to use Stage Caller whit more access-point?

Hope some on can help, please.

More detail:
We are going to preform a site-specific show, in quit a big location, whit a lot of walls, and my Wi-Fi is not strong enough to reach the actor all over. Therefor I need to extend the network. I have tried out whit a older router to create the wi-fi network, and then extend the network whit a Airport Express. The phone seem to switch seamlessly from on Access-point to the other, but keep lousing the MIDI-conection.

The show will be running on Qlab 2, on a iMac running OS X 10.9.4.
Stage Calle run on a iPhone 4S running iOS 7.1.2

Wow. This is totally outside of my knowledge base; yes, switching networks and using the auto connect function won’t work for you with the speed & reliability you want. It seems to me that, like using an RF system in large venues, you need a repeater of some sort, rather than 2 networks, but I don’t know how best to do that.

A quick google on the tpoic yields this article; I’m guessing a more traditionally IT savvy person knows all of this…

The main thing, from our POV, is that, for reliability, a single larger coverage network is really what’s needed.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the replay.

We have been testing it can’t make et work. So we ended up whit at different solution. A android-phone creating its on wifi, installed whit a OSC-transmitter. And the a LX-assistent on stage,for running the cues, making sure to stay close enough to keep the wifi-conection. It works perfectly.

When we get at bit more time I will tray to get hold of a network-specialist.

Again, thanks for the replay and for a really good app.

actually - yes, you can use stagecaller with multiple access points - however, if the phone changes IP address when switching access points, well, then you’ll have a problem (probably just like the problem you’re having)

I’d recommend using a static IP address on the phone and making sure that the network extension access points are setup to bridge to the main access point and not supply their own IP addresses, DHCP, etc…

you could also try physically wiring all access points together on a backbone, force each access point to create the same wireless network on the same channel(s), and make sure all but one of the access points is in bridge mode (this is what I do in my home - it works fine…)

your solution to using an android device as a access point is ballsy - but it should work… please keep us in the loop as you move forward with this