Stagecaller on iOS4.2?


I know it’s probably a stupid question (as I know XCode 4.5 removed support for armv6), but is there any chance there is, was, or could be a functioning version of StageCaller for iOS4? I have a bunch of iPod Touch 2Gs which would be perfect for running this, would be a shame to have to get rid of them and replace them with newer devices.

Thanks a lot!


that’s a rough request… one of the reasons why I opted to not include iOS 4.2.1 was that backgrounding was horrendous under that version

regardless, I’m fairly certain (although not positive) that I can’t submit to apple with 4.2.1 compatibility anymore

I could try adhoc builds with earlier versions of Xcode (which would involve me downgrading my development machines) - but that would mean building for individual devices… and that’s not something I can afford to do - plus, I’m pretty sure the app experience (for the user, and probably me as well) would be really disappointing…