StageCaller for Android?

Hi, this may not be the best place to ask this question, but I was wondering if there was any sort of build of StageCaller available for Android? One of the plays we’re producing this season has 4 or 5 cell phones (mostly Android based, but at least one iOS device) that need to ring/receive texts at different points in the show and StageCaller seems like it could be a great tool for us, if it was ready for “Prime Time”.


hi trent - yeah, I know, I need to finish the android version… it’s been delayed for a variety of reasons… I’m hoping to restart the beta program for android this august (I’ll put you on the list, and probably setup a signup list somewhere as well)

I know that most people want an android version because the phones are cheaper, but don’t realize the cost of everything else (there’s no reliable MIDI for android so it’ll be OSC only, backgrounding doesn’t work nearly as well on older devices, you’ll need to be running qlab3 or something comparable on a fairly modern machine)


Thanks for your response, and I’d appreciate the opportunity to be apart of the beta, when its available… I love my Android devices, but I do realize there are some major challenges involved with developing for the platform. Anyways, I’m sure we’ll still end up using StageCaller this summer with our iDevices, it looks like a great app. Thanks again!


I was wondering if any movement had been made on the android beta or an actual release. I am getting ready to do a show and would love to use an android as the cost of entry is much lower. If I could get on the list or what not that exists for information about the beta that would be wonderful.

Jay -

Where did we land on the whole Android beta situation? I have a show where I would love to use an iphone and and Galaxy S2 on the same stage. Right now i have Qlab opening an SSH shell on the phone and executing a script but thats…messy to say the least. If you are still doing a beta please let me know how I can become apart of it.


I would also be interested in a beta test for the android version. Let me know if you have a program to send. Thanks.


Hi Jay,

I too am hoping to use an Android on stage and for the life of me cannot get anything working. How did you go about using Qlab with the SSH Shell and scripting? I’m still getting my head around all of this stuff.

sorry all - android development has been very stalled… I’ve been focusing on raising a child rather than development - although I did write OSC and appleMIDI libraries that seem to work pretty well with android 2.2 (API 8) and higher… writing the rest of the app has become a wonderful demonstration of how horrible it is to develop for android…

things are moving forward, but at a slow pace - I’ll make sure y’all are involved when a beta is available.