Stagecaller for Android - where to get it?

Hi. Stagecaller seems to have disappeared from the Android Play Store. I’ve found the apk on Aptoide but I don’t know if it’s legit or not. Where’s the best place to get it from these days?


I haven’t maintained the android or ios version since late 2017 and I think google dropped StageCaller from the store last month - so no… any package you find isn’t anything I know about and I would not install it.

Hi Jay. Thanks for the reply. Could you perhaps make your last-ever apk available on the Disappointed Pig website?

The iOS version is still available from the App Store but, of course, who knows for how long that will be the case, so it might be handy to have that up there as well.

I’ve been trying out the iOS version - it works great! It would be a shame for StageCaller to disappear, even if you’re no longer developing it further.