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when you fire 2 start cues in row from cuelab 3 the vibrate or ring will not stop until the app on phone is closed. Even if you panic all or fire the stop cues.

How do you activate your saved cues consistently?

At the moment i am not sure how i am arming it After opening the app. Going into the iphone and interrogating wifi settings seems to play a part. I am using a fixed ip address. Resaving the cue on the phone also plays a part.

some sort of colour change to show phone is ready would be reassuring.

Yes to reaquire control i have to open stagecaller app, open wifi control panels, navigate to the ip settings. Do nothing and then exit and re enter stagecaller app. There is a short transition animation fade at the top of the screen when this happens.

I’m not sure what you mean about “re-acquire control” or about “arming it after opening the app” - I’m assuming you mean that you are firing 2 cues in succession from QLab and the actions associated with those 2 cues activate but don’t stop…

you haven’t stated if you’re using MIDI or OSC - but in either case, I can’t duplicate that issue in v1.3.2 - can you send me a screenshot of the actions in question? (send them to beta(at)

will do.

Its an iphone 4s running 7.1.2

Cuelab 3 on a brand new mac. The cues are osc.

I discovered the looping by accident. Its unlikely with a correct cue sequence it would occur but with a panic reloading you could in theory.

To make the phone respond i have to do the actions above even though it is showing an active network connection. I cant just launch stagecaller and it recieve immediately.

A small red “1” appears beside the app and the control panels icon when its running. This doesnt correspond to it recieving though. More testing tommorrow.

yes, the red mark means that stagecaller background mode is active - it doesn’t indicate that data is being received

could you clarify what issue you’re having?

I’m making some vids to show what i’m doing. can I email you a dropbox link?