StageCaller Announcements

Welcome to the StagCaller Forum - this is a theoretically closed category for announcements only.

Version 1.1 has been released!

I’ve fixed a few bugs (looping issue and dropbox relink issue) and added volume control to actions.

may i know when will the app for android will be ready? longing to use that!

I had hoped to have a working beta for android ready by 9/1 (quite literally, tomorrow) - however, that seems to be out of my grasp at the moment… I can assure you that an android version is in active development, but for the moment I’ll just say it’ll be ready autumn 2013.

I haven’t been posting here enough about StageCaller development - I’ll try and fix that after some coffee…

StageCaller 1.2 is in review at Apple, and I’m expecting approval in the next few hours - there are some significant changes in this version:

  • moved MIDI/OSC/Background switches to settings screen
  • rewrite of MIDI/OSC handlers (big improvement for MIDI, minor for OSC)
  • added MIDI/OSC heartbeat - now you can have the device periodically send a MIDI or OSC message so you know the device is still responding
  • ‘swipe to stop action’ now brings you to a black screen with some preset text (leave and come back to app to dismiss this screen) - I’ll eventually make this screen customizable…
  • minor UI changes that hopefully aren’t too annoying
  • recompiled for iOS7

I hope everyone enjoys this update - and now I’ll get back to writing the android version…

StageCaller has now sold 102 copies worldwide!

Basically, that translates to $571.78 in (pre-tax) profits! Yeah, I know… it’s a glamorous life.

Just thought I’d mention the following:

  • I’m looking for ideas for future builds of StageCaller (other than a android release), so far I have 1 user asking for chaining actions together…

  • since I’ve heard many people say that OSC has serious latency issues with StageCaller, I thought I’d try looking into that - so far I can’t make any weird latency happen regardless of router or device. The longest delay I’ve had is about 120ms.

  • If you’ve got a production in the NYC area and are having issues please let me know - I’d love to take a look at your setup (for free even… or maybe beer)