StageCaller 1.3.8 & iOS5/iOS6 end of support

with version 1.3.8, I’m ending support for ios5/ios6 - basically, Dropbox is ending support for its API v1 this month and API v2 will support iOS9 and higher - Google Drive has ended support for its API on ios6 and now must be only ios7 and higher…

so this basically screws ios5 & ios6 users - I threw together a quick solution for exporting from the devices media library into StageCaller - it’s not pretty and it doesn’t always work cleanly, but it doesn’t crash - the worst part is that you’ll need to copy your sounds into the device via itunes… I’ll be creating a video of how I copy sounds into a device through itunes before the end of this month (June 2017)

I’m still working out the release schedule, but it’ll probably look like this:

6/3/17 v1.3.7

  • add export media library into StageCaller, prepare for shutdown of Dropbox api v1 on all ios versions
    6/5/17 v1.3.8
  • bug fix for ios5 - rewrite of media library export so it doesn’t suck as much, last update for ios5/ios6
    ~6/10/17 v1.3.9
  • reintroduce google drive for ios7 and higher - last update for ios7/ios8
    ~6/20/17 v1.3.10
  • reintroduce dropbox with api v2 support for ios9 and higher
    ~9/1/17 v2.0
  • rebuild of stagecaller, features TBD - ios10 and higher

to be honest, I have no idea how many people require ios5/ios6 - I figure if someone needs something specific to a given ios version they’ll contact me…

the best part about this is now I can finally jailbreak my 3gs and ipad v1

Hi, I’m still trying to use SC 1.2.3 build 206 on an ipod touch stuck at ios 6. Did the load via itunes workaround ever happen?

I’m OK to use that version that was previously working but I don’t seem to be able to connect to dropbox or google drive. Going through the motions makes me think I’m connected, but I don’t see any kind of refresh on the list after saying touch to Reinstall dropbox files. I did a disconnect and re-login.
I tried google drive as well, but got a badly rendered login menu that I couldn’t really get around. I could wind up in google help, login there, but was stuck in that screen and had to kill SC to get out of that.

Any ideas welcome - I’m pretty sure it worked fine early 2017 for a show, I recognize the ringtone I loaded and it’s still on dropbox in my app/stagecaller folder.

we all got screwed by Dropbox/Google Drive when they stopped supporting iOS prior to iOS8 (announced in 2016 and support ended in mid 2017 - more or less for both) - they (meaning Dropbox & Google) removed support entirely and there’s no visible error that I can surface to the user on older versions of iOS with older versions of StageCaller - part of that is my fault since I should have foreseen the end-of-life for Dropbox and Google Drive support for older iOS… but in 2015, I didn’t…

the end result is StageCaller prior to v1.3.8 won’t connect to Dropbox or Google Drive anymore

the good news is the last supported version of StageCaller on iOS6 is v1.3.8 - as a purchaser of StageCaller you should be able to download the last supported version for iOS6 (which is v.1.3.8), and that’ll allow you to copy sounds into StageCaller from the media library on the device

I’ll try to get 1.3.8 and see how that goes, thankss.