Stag Caller on iOS 8?

Is Stage Caller ready for iOS 8.0?

It has not been fully updated for iOS 8.0, and has had no beta testing there yet. We definitely had hiccups in the 7.0 transition… I know 8.0.1 is causing iPhone 6 and above to lose network connections… in general, with all things mac, if you can wait to update till they get it fully stable (and we have time to work through it), it’d be best.

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I’ll be testing 8.0.2 over the next few days - but I don’t expect any issues - 8.0.1 was a bad release from apple and was pulled shortly after release

I am using 8.0 on an iPhone5 and am having issues with stagecaller working reliably. On the slower (and quieter) iPhone4 we are using on iOS 7.1 we are having zero issues. Using it with OSC and not MIDI. Any suggestions?

can you give me any additional information about the issues your having with iOS 8? are you running the latest stagecaller? did you have the same issues with iOS 8.0.2? are you using a heartbeat with MIDI or OSC? did the heartbeat stop? did the device become functional on wake/unlock? - anything you can tell me would be useful