Splitting licenses across Android and iPhone

We’ve purchased a license on Google Play for use with an Android prop phone. We might be adding a second prop phone that’s an iPhone. Is there a way to split the licenses between the two OSs?

Thanks for all your time and work; the app’s great!

sorry, there is no way to do that

Understood. So we’ll get 5 licenses with our Google login for Android devices, and an additional 5 for iOS devices with an Apple ID purchase?

there actually isn’t any license and there are no actual license restrictions - you can install on as many devices as you want

although you’ll need to associate each device with the purchasing Google account/Apple ID as appropriate, you can disassociate your account from the device and StageCaller should not be deleted from the device (I know this is true on iOS, and I’m pretty sure it’s true on android - I feel like I tested this before)