Screen doesn't light when cue played

New user.

Qlab 3, iPhone 5, IOS 9.2.1

OCS command: /cue/1/start

When I play a cue (sound or vibrate) the screen of my iPhone doesn’t turn on (if it is off). No text notification of a “call” received.

All notifications on.

Testing with the iPhone 5. Will be using an iPhone 3GS for the show. Waiting on the 3GS to arrive.

Am I missing something?

I must have a problem with forum email notifications - I’m not getting an email when people post to this forum - I really need to move to a different system…

regardless - there are a few things this could be:

  1. in system settings app - under notifications, make sure everything is on

  2. make sure you’ve setup your stagecaller action with ‘until stopped with swipe’ turned on… otherwise you won’t get a lock screen notification alert

you shouldn’t have a problem with a 3gs - if you want you can send your questions to jay’at’ until I fix whatever is wrong with email on this forum (or I move the forum elsewhere…)