Qlab 2 Midi Red X's

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to stage caller, and so far it’s working really well. I’m using an iPod touch with a standard phone ring - nothing too crazy.

On start-up today, I powered up the iPod Touch first. Then I powered up the show Mac Mini, and opened up the Audio Midi Setup to connect the iPod touch. The Mac Mini is connected to the network via ethernet. No problems so far.

But when I open my Qlab 2 workspace, there are red X’s on the midi cues. When I investigate the Workspace Preferences, the Midi is patched correctly. The problem is fixed when I redo the cues - adding new midi cues in, reassigning the midi commands, relabeling, etc etc.

Is this common? Is there a fix?


Jillian Walker

I want to believe this is a qlab issue - but I’ll have to defer to Rob K’s knowledge of qlab

Rob, what do you think?

I have a feeling you’re right…
Sent an email to them and it seems that if a Pro Midi License was not purchased, then Midi cues will be broken upon opening a saved workspace.

Thanks anyway!

Yes - Jay is exactly right. The way MIDI works without a license is that you’re allowed to create the cues, to test that you do, indeed, want that functionality, but not keep them.

You may want to rent a QLab license for the run of your show - it’s VERY inexpensive…