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Phones not lighting up


Using this app for the first time using QLab 3 OSC commands and two iphones. I love it so far. Tomorrow I have to troubleshoot some network issues - everything was fine all through tech and then today there are crazy lag problems if they fire at all. I’ll try everything I’m reading in this forum. But my real question is: The description says StageCaller makes the phone light up, but neither of the phones I’m using light up when they ring. What am I missing? Thanks!


So I just tested this on my iPhone 4s, and it lights the phone up when it fires. Is there something different between the 4 and 4s and doesn’t allow the app to make the phone light up?


hmm - that’s odd… while I tested on a 3gs, 4s, and 5… I didn’t have an actual 4 to test on - I wouldn’t have expected it to be different, but this calls into question the iPod touch (which I also didn’t test) - I’m going to think on this for the next day or two and get back to you…


FYI: I’m about to get hold of a iphone4 for testing


I am testing an iPhone 4 and it doesn’t seem to be lighting up at all. Any word if this is something specific to just the 4?



Also curious about this- running the app on an iPhone 4 and experiencing the same issue. Great app so far!


I have this same problem on an iPhone 4S running iOS 7.


The developer has not responded yet so I thought I’d report back with some results I’ve had. I have been forcing the screen to light up by setting multiple actions for vibrate and ring with the same trigger but with both a MIDI stop and swipe stop set for each action. The caveat is that you cannot stop the action by swiping, you must sent a stop or note off cue. I’ve found this to be the only way to make my screen light up with an iPhone 4 on iOS 7. Hope this helps!