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Phonecall not stopping from OSC command

I’ve been experimenting on my moto G9 plus with the ‘Stagecaller’ app. I can create actions with a custom ringtone and start and stop them with OSC-cues from Qlab. However, when I add a caller to the the action, I’m unable to stop it with the OSC command. The ringtone also changes to my default phone ringtone, instead of using the audiofile I’m asking it to.
Another weird thing is that when I save the action while in the ‘caller tab’, next START-cue starts the phonecall with default ringtone. If I save the action while in the ‘sound’ tab, the same OSC cue does play the custom ringtone-sound but no visible ‘incoming phonecall’, now it does listen to the STOP-cue…
Is this an issue with my device or android version? (10)