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Phone not lighting up


I’ve seen this issue on a couple of other posts, but I didn’t find an answer. I know IOS has been updated several times since you created this app, but I was wondering if there is any advice you can give.

Everything work sound-wise, but the screen doesn’t light up.
tried with an iPhone 8 & iPhone 11 Max
IOS 15.4.1

I’m directing a show out on Long Island in June and I’d love to use stage caller for the show, but only if I can get it to light up. I have an android floating around somewhere, so I’ll give that a shot too. Maybe I’ll have better luck.



Also, I’m using qlab

hmm… I’ll try to duplicate the issue

so, on my iPhone13 running 15.4.1, the screen will wake for vibrate/sound actions only when ‘stop with swipe’ is turned on for the action

you also need to check Settings>StageCaller>Notifications to make sure that ‘Allow Notifications’ is on as well as ‘Lock Screen’ is checked under ‘Alerts’

however, if the phone is paired with an Apple Watch the notification goes to the watch rather than waking the phone screen

give that a shot

Thanks Jay! I didn’t see your reply till just now. I’m at a place where the network traffic gets blocked, but I’ll try it tomorrow!!!

Thanks for the fast reply!

Hi Jay -

That did the trick. Stop with Swipe needed to be turned on. Also, needed to put phone in silent mode because it generates 2 sounds. 1 for the actual Cue and 1 for the notification.

Love this app!! So excited to use it in my show in June. I will be running 4 phones off of QLab with it!