OSC IP address issues

Hi all,

I’ve been struggling the past week to get StageCaller to work with certain Wifi Networks.
I’m working on a touring one-man show, and some of the venues we perform in do not have reliable wifi networks. As such, we’ve purchased a Sprint Wifi hotspot as our show involves a lot of internet support (live surfing, Gchats etc.)

Since using the hotspot, StageCaller is showing the OSC IP address as - the phone itself has a more regular IP address, so I know it’s not an issue with the phone but rather with StageCaller itself. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-downloading the app, but that has not fixed the issue.

Opening night is very soon - we have a backup plan but it’s nowhere near as reliable as StageCaller (when it’s working) - please help!


so, I don’t know why you’d use a sprint wifi hotspot… stagecaller doesn’t need (or want) internet access - MIDI won’t work outside of a local network, and you’re just complicating OSC by doing odd ip routing with a sprint hotspot… do you have an actual wifi router? like a crappy netgear (which I hate) or an old apple airport?

the sprint hotspot isn’t providing you with local routing of IP, it’s just allowing individual devices to access sprint’s mobile network over wifi… that’s totally not what you want

I should clarify this a bit more - you need a local network - the sprint hotspot isn’t providing you with that (hence the for your device IP address) - you could try to set up an local wifi network with a real router that connects to the sprint hotspot to get you internet, but that’s still questionable… the hotspot isn’t built for that…

Thanks Jay!

I’ll investigate what options we had - didn’t realize the network needed to be local. Appreciate your quick response!