OSC API Passing Variables

I am working on a project with TouchOSC
I wanted to setup a fader on the touchOSC to change the volume of stageCaller.
I have written volume change actions into StageCaller:
vol 50 OSC:/level 50
vol 60 OSC:/level 60
vol 70 OSC:/level 70

The problem is that currently StageCaller doesn’t seem to respond to an OSC command with a space in it.
The normal OSC sends variables by adding a space after the command. For Example: to change the label of a text box named /1/label1 you would send /1/label1 “hello world”

Currently I can make a cue /level/90, but I would need make a load of buttons instead of a fader.
Am I missing something?
Is there an API that I could check?


oh - crap - I never thought of that… lemme take a look and see what I can do…

ah ok - I think I understand what you’re asking for…

first : no, there’s no API for modifying actions (at this time, that’s a good idea though) - stagecaller only uses osc for simply triggering an action

second : actually you can send spaces in OSC commands and it works fine - but whats probably happening for you is that TouchOSC is tokenizing the outbound message at each space, and stagecaller only looks at the first token, which is the command used for the trigger… (I don’t use TouchOSC so I’m only guessing - I’ve been meaning to look it over for some time now…), if you can get TouchOSC to stop tokenizing on space (probably by enclosing the whole command + argument string with quotes) it should work…

the end result is yes, if you want to fade the volume of the device, you’ll need to create multiple actions and have something send triggers each action in turn…

I like the idea of creating an action api for stagecaller - and I’ll probably include that in version 2 - but I doubt I’ll be able to get that ready before the end of the summer

Thanks Jay. I will look at it from the TouchOSC side. I am going to try it via PureData as well. It is a little more flexible.
I will report back