Occasional lag when triggering via OSC

I’m using Stagecaller for the first time and have had mostly success, but one issue. I’m using two different devices (an iPhone 4, and a brand new iPod touch), along with Qlab 3, and a new Netgear WNDR4500 router with up to date firmware. I am using OSC. The iPhone 4 works fine with no problem. The iPod touch works fine most of the time, but occasionally (maybe 1 in every 20 tries or so) there is about a 2 second lag between when the Qlab cue is triggered and when Stagecaller triggers the action. It’s not a show stopper, but I know that 2 seconds can feel like an eternity to the SM and more importantly to the actors on stage who are waiting on a phone to ring, so I need to get it fixed ASAP. Any suggestions?

Update: the delay seems to only be happening in iOS 9. I found a second iPhone 4 that I was able to get to run iOS 7 and it has been running smoothly. Anyone else noticed a delay when using iOS 9? Or maybe even iOS 8?

sorry, I didn’t notice this post until now - unfortunately I don’t have an ipod touch to test on so I’ll take some guesses

normally I’d blame the netgear router - but it doesn’t sound like that’s the issue… is everything running static ip addresses or dhcp? does the issue still happen if you turn on an OSC or MIDI heartbeat? are you seeing the same issue with the latest version of StageCaller?

No worries Jay, we made it through with the second iPhone 4. Unfortunately I don’t have access to all of the gear right now to test more. I can tell you that the same issue occurred on my iPhone 6.

I tried both static and DHCP. I never messed with heartbeat too much because I wasn’t using MIDI and wasn’t sure how to use it with OSC.

I was running up to date as of about Nov 6th. I haven’t tested anything since then. If there has been an update since then, I will run some more tests at that theater on the same router and ipod touch.