Notification text

Hi there.
I am working on a show at The Public Theater and the audience is very close to the iphone that is ringing onstage.
Right now there is a notification that comes up “StageCaller/ phone is ringing”.
I would love to change it to “MOM/ phone is ringing”

Is there a way to change the name even globally?

Thanks for the product!
I love it and recommend it to everyone that I run into!

hmm, the current app can’t do that but lemme see if the UILocalNotification api lets me change that - I’ll get back to you on this


so, I can (and will) add in the ability to change the text of “phone is ringing…” and the action text of “Slide to Unlock” - but the application name will always show, so I can’t get rid of “StageCaller”… at least not in iOS 8.1.3 and earlier

there’s a possibility that iOS 8.2 will allow the alert title to be changed, but 8.2 isn’t final yet and it seems unlikely (to me) that apple would allow it…

Thanks for the quick response Jay.
That is unfortunate, but not surprising. I will have to look for another way to fake that then. Perhaps turn off notifications and put a picture of "mom calling as my lock screen.

I think that will work. I’ll report back.

that’s something I’d like to try - if the device isn’t locked, can I force stagecaller to launch when an action is triggered and display a fake lock screen that the actor interacts with (otherwise stagecaller must be in the foreground… which is a pretty big single point failure if stagecaller gets shifted to the background accidentally)

just refreshed my memory - bringing an app to the foreground requires user intervention… if StageCaller was the last foreground app running, and the lock screen is disabled, then it could be possible to wake the screen and display a fake lock screen… I’ll have to run a test to make sure

of course, for this to work (if it does work) the actor will need to restrain themselves from backgrounding StageCaller… and I’d put that at 50/50 - I know that I usually go back to the launcher screen without thinking most of the time

To fake this, I turn the notification banner off; I then clear the 1st screen of all apps, and make an image of the caller my lock screen and wallpaper. Then, when SC starts ringing, if the actor just presses the bottom center button, it lights with the picture. Not a high tech solution, but I’ve fooled plenty of folks up close with it.

So glad you like the app!

we ended up turning off all the notifications from StageCaller.
Jailbreaking the phone to turning off the date and time, removing the “slide to open” image, the annoying transparent squares on the lock screen.
we then installed a custom picture on the lock screen.

Rob’s way is easier for sure, but does not solve all the problems. especially the “swipe to lock” screen

I do wish that it would light up when it was “called” but not see the "StageCaller/ is ringing.

There was an instant when the director wanted to see the phone light up as it was being called.
Fortunately, we blocked around it.