New Purchaser. OSC Basics?

Hi there,

I’m purchasing the stage caller system for our next show and would like some advice on osc

Is it better to use OSC than midi (I have Q-Lab 3) I think I read that that is the case. The OSC section of the instruction document is still blank, is it pretty easy to set up, is there anything I should know?

thanks, the system sound really promising.


Sorry about the slow-updates to the website / instructions.

OSC was more stable in the beginning. Jay did some great work to the MIDI coding, and added a great “reconnect to dropped networks” feature, so now they’re pretty equal.

The nice thing about OSC is it’s more direct - it doesn’t depend on the computer’s audio/midi utility, so, from a strictly “make the least number of connections possible” way of thinking, it’s got the edge.

It is pretty intuitive - but I’ll try my damnedest to actually get all the words and pictures onto the instruction manual on the website over the next three weeks.


Thanks for the info. Now that I have worked out what I was doing wrong with the Network setup and have the MIDI working I am looking into OSC, so far seems to intuitive as you say.

Really Really love the app!

p.s. I think the app is very cheap, I would have paid significantly more :slight_smile:

thanks - we debated about the price for a long time… the biggest issue with the price so far has been that people may not take the app seriously

I’m hoping that Rob and I will get our collective act together and build some comprehensive documentation - but since we both have our day jobs, well, it’s been more difficult to fine the time than I had hopped