Multiple Devices Sharing a Dropbox Account

I’m designing a show that needs to use Stage Caller with 3 devices, all running the app purchased by the same iTunes account. The first device links to dropbox just fine. When I try to link the second device with the same dropbox account, the app freezes. I think it may be getting confused because it’s trying to create a folder (Apps/StageCaller) that already exists in dropbox.

I have 4 devices sharing the same dropbox, so this shouldn’t be a problem, but let’s try and solve it either way. Would you, as a test, try loading your sounds onto the first device, then, in your Settings, unlink the first device from dropbox, then try and link the second device? This will help us see if the problem is in the device or a bigger issue.

I’ll try and re-create your problem on my devices here. Assuming you’re using most current public release, and all devices are iOS 4+…

that’s odd it shouldn’t be trying to recreate the apps/stagecaller folder if it already exists (I have stage caller running on 5 devices with the same dropbox account) -

lemme see if I can duplicate

Hi. Unlinking and linking again worked. Thanks!

hmm… yeah - I think I’ve got a bug in the dropbox connection routine - if it gets confused (and sometimes it does) I want the app to reset the dropbox link - sometimes this works, and then it doesn’t…

I’m keeping this on the bug list for the next version