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Mixed versions?


We are using a mixture of apple, android (alpha) and android (beta) phones. Will StageCaller trigger them all properly? Does OSC render the communication to different versions “generic” and specifically, do the Android phones all have to be using the same version?



yup - it should work fine - I don’t think you’ll have a problem running alpha & beta versions together, but you should probably update from the alpha versions anyway

the only interoperability issue that I can think of is that the backup files for iOS and Android are incompatible at the moment - I’m hoping to correct that before the end of the year

not sure what you mean by generic - do you mean the OSC message path? I prefer to use QLab formatting for OSC cues (/cue/1/start, /cue/1/stop, etc…) but you can do whatever you like…


wait … I may have introduced a bug into OSC message handing in the latest beta which breaks OSC actions… checking now


nope, I’m wrong, OSC is fine… ignore previous reply…


I only meant that an OSC message is still an OSC message as long as the (IP) addressing is correct. but I will keep in mind the possibility that it likes Qlab formatting better. Thanks!


hip - let me know if there’s anything else I can help with


To clarify: The description on the StageCaller front page says it works with iOS 5 or higher, but your June 5 post shows current versions supporting iOS 9 or higher, so if my production manager is renting iPhones with iOS 5 & 6 on them, what’s the scenario?
a. StageCaller will not work on them at all
b. If they already have StageCaller on them, will they work via OSC?
c. is it possible to get older versions of StageCaller?



if StageCaller is installed, MIDI and OSC should work without issue

ah, the last compatible version problem… yes, you should be able to download the last compatible version - to be honest I haven’t tried it for some time so I’ll test it right now (I’m following these instructions: http://bit.ly/2vytrye)

the basics were to buy the app via iTunes (which you can’t do with the latest version of iTunes… I believe you can use a newer iOS device for purchasing the app in place of iTunes as long as the old device is using the same apple store account), then download the app on the older device and you’d be asked if you wanted to download the last compatible version

so I’m testing this now with my old 3GS (running iOS 6.1.6) and it does in fact ask if I want to download the last compatible version and downloads v1.3.8 (current is 1.3.11 I think) and it runs as well as 1.3.8 does…

the biggest issue with 1.3.8 on iOS 6 is there’s no dropbox or google drive support - so all you can do is load up sounds into the media library and import them into StageCaller - MIDI and OSC should work without issue

I don’t think I have an iOS 5 device anymore - maybe my iPad1 is running that (it’s charging now so I can’t check yet… but it should handle the last compatible version process as well…

I guess its going to depend on what the devices are that you’re trying to install on - if I remember correctly StageCaller ran on iPhone3gs or better, iPad1 or better, iPod Touch 3rd gen or better - basically anything that could run iOS 5.1.1 and higher…

now if the above method of loading the app doesn’t work for you I’d be happy to work with you to get a functional build onto whichever device - however, my current development environment doesn’t support anything prior to iOS8.4 - it’ll take me a few days to spin up a valid development environment to build an adhoc app for whatever the device in question is…