"leave and reenter application to dismiss this screen"

What does this black screen mean? Why does it appear and how can I prevent it appearing?

I am using QLab to trigger a ring. Swipe stops the ringing. Then this black screen appears and it won’t go away.

Thanks for any help.

OK, I figured out that turning off the iPhone resets the device… should have been obvious I guess. But I still don’t understand why the “leave and re-enter” screen is necessary!

ah, yes - I’ve been meaning to rethink how that works

the original problem centered around when an actor onstage swipes to stop an active sound, we didn’t want the device to jump into the stagecaller app screen - it’s kind of bright, so it would look weird when the actor put the phone up to their ear

we also didn’t want the actors ear to change any settings or cancel an action when the device was put up to their ear…