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iPhone 4s hit and miss


I have an iPhone 4s and an iPod touch through a Netgear router. I am using Qlab 3 with OSC. The iPod touch is brand new and is working fine but the iPhone 4s can be hit or miss. I have two cues that are very close with the iPhone and the first one will fire but the next one will not. I do have a heartbeat going to the phone. I hooked up Wireshark to monitor the traffic. It looks like the router is seeing the command that is being sent to the phone but the phone won’t ring.
Any suggestions.


what’s the os on the 4s?


The os is 9.3.5. I believe it is the latest for this phone.


hmm… my 4s is also running 9.3.5 and seems ok for both midi and osc on qlab3 (3.1.24) - and the heartbeat from the 4s is consistent? is this MIDI or OSC? (it shouldn’t make a difference, I’m just curious)

I hate to say it’s the netgear - but I really hate netgear routers - I’ll assume the netgear is at the latest firmware - is there anyway you can try with another wireless access point? you could try doing a factory reset on the 4s to see if it makes a difference

I know, you’re thinking that the ipod touch works fine, and the 4s doesn’t, so it can’t be the router… and yeah… you’re probably right - but the radios totally different generations - so maybe it means something

oh, kudos for using wireshark - that’s probably the most useful tool I’ve ever had


The heartbeat does seem consistent in Wireshark. It is OSC. I have an older/slower 10/100 Belkin Router but that is it. If I needed to could I find a good working router at Best Buy so I could pick it up locally and quickly?

I did do a factory reset on the 4s when we first started using it a couple weeks ago. I also did a firmware update on the Netgear router after I read that on your forum. I just bought three of these Netgear routers. They were around $200 a piece so I thought they would be decent. Do you think the Netgear router will eventually fail on the ipod also? What do you mean when you said “but the radios totally different generations”? Are you calling the ipod and iphone radios?

One thing that I was thinking about was that on the iphone we only have one cue that we use multiple times in quick sequences. When you trigger them close together the second cue doesn’t fire. Would there be any reason to just make different cues with the same sound? Does a cue have to play all the way through to be triggered again? The ipod has multiple cues and we only trigger them once.


by radio I mean the wifi radio in each device - if you’ve already done the netgear firmware then don’t worry about it - my problem with netgear was always centered around the fact that they would dramatically change the internals within a given model so you’d see inconsistent results between devices - but if the ipod is functioning consistently then it’s probably not the netgear

if I remember correctly, a given action ‘A’ can’t be triggered if action ‘A’ is already running… I think I did that on purpose, but I’d have to check my notes - so if the sound in the single action is still playing the action can’t be triggered again until the sound finishes (but you can trigger a different action)

it also could be that the 4s is too slow in cleaning up after the single action completes and ignores the subsequent trigger… I’d guess that this is the issue and I might be able to fix it if I can duplicate the problem

if you want you can try duplicating the single action, giving it a different trigger and alternating between both actions in quick succession

in the mean time I’ll test out quick succession triggers with my 4s and see what happens - just how quickly are these triggers happening?