iOS 9 problems?

I have three phones, all with latest iOS 9.0.2, for use in a show.

All of them are having issues with holding onto their network midi connection.

Is stage caller known to not be working with iOS 9?

(I’m traveling today, so I’ll be brief and hopefully add more later today)

there are no known issues with ios 9

so, there are a number of things that could be happening

  • what wireless access point are you using? we’ve seen some issues with netgear routers… usually updating to the latest firmware on the router helps

  • are the phones being used for other things on stage? in previous versions of stagecaller we had issues with using other resource intensive things (like the camera) while using stagecaller - I haven’t see that happen recently, but its good to be aware

  • I’d recommend using static ip addresses for each device - the phone and network shouldn’t really have an issue with dhcp, and its probably not what your problem is, but I find it easier to manage devices this way

  • there’s a completely undocumented feature in stagecaller for midi autoreconnect - so if your network is a bit flakey or the devices are leaving range and coming back in, stagecaller will reconnect midi

  • stagecaller can send a periodic heartbeat over midi (or osc), so you can see when (or if) devices drop off… a number of users think this keeps the phone radio working longer

I’ll have to flesh the rest of this response out later ('cause I’m on the road today), but I didn’t want you to think no one was listening


Thanks so much Jay. I’ll work through these points. The router is an older netgear one, so that’s a great place to start.