Instructions for setting up OSC with Qlab 3?

Are instructions for setting up OSC with Qlab 3 available? I have never set up anything OSC before and don’t really know what I am doing. As well as setting up the network?

Thanks, Jamie

I really need to create some better (or any) documentation - I apologize for the lack of it…

first off, you need to make sure that your computer and device are on the same network - I recommend using static IP addresses for everything, but that’s usually just for your own convenience…

you’ll need to know the IP address and port of the device you want to connect - in this case, my phone is with port 1234… you can find this info on the settings screen in StageCaller

when you open up QLab3, there’s a little gear icon in the lower right corner - click that and then select “OSC” - you’ll see a screen similar to the image below

click done to go back to the main workspace - now you’ll need to drag the OSC icon into the cue list (the 1st icon in the 4th block of icons above the cue list) - select this new OSC cue, then click on the settings tab… you’ll need to select the IP address you entered previously in the “OSC Destination” dropdown as well as enter a cue number… I chose cue number 1 for this test

now, all that’s left to do is create an OSC action in StageCaller - when you create the start action trigger for the action, StageCaller ‘should’ default to cue 1 (/cue/1/start) - the complete action should look like this:

so, now you should be able to select the cue in QLab3 and click GO (or hit the space bar, or click on ‘send message’ - it’s all the same)

… and now you see why I haven’t written proper documentation … I really suck at it

(EDIT: oops - I screwed up the images - should be fixed now)