Great new trick - volume control

Hey, users! Hope you’re all enjoying version 1.2.

Here’s a smart new trick, inspired by Will Pickens, with a little riff by me.

Let’s say you are playing a steady sound, and you want to do a volume change - a fade in, or fade out.

This trick is a little bit clunky, but it’s a way to use Stagecaller and do some volume cuing. Will’s came up with this using “vibrate” cues on an iPod touch (which doesn’t vibrate, so they basically become null cues), but I figured we should be able to do this on phones, too. So, here’s what I’m doing:

First - create your initial action - let’s say a nice 3 minute long song playing on a turntable. Set the volume to the level you want - for demonstration purposes, let’s say 100%

Next, make a short silent cue - call it 1 second of silence. Add that to your dropbox

Then create a set of actions - I’m calling mine “90%” “80%” “70%” etc.

Select the silent cue you made (mine’s called 999 Silence) as the sound, and set the volume to 90% (or 80 for 80, etc.) Assign OSC or MIDI triggers.

Now, in your playback software, start your initial cue, and then, on cue, fire off the various percentage driven silence cues in sequence. If your fades are clunky at 10% jumps, do 5% jumps or smaller. Link the triggers up, put appropriate waits in between - and you can actually fade in or out something playing on your Stagecaller device!

Don’t forget - feel free to reach out to us with feature requests and/or bug issues.