Dropbox nightmares - can't load sounds

I am using three borrowed iPhones with StageCaller and am unable to load my sounds to all the phones. Dropbox saw the phones log in and sent me a notification, but when I try to load a new sound from my Dropbox/Apps/StageCaller folder, I only got a link that says “Touch To Install Default Files” and when I click it, I get a long list of sounds that are not mine.

Now my own Dropbox/Apps folder has a new folder called “StageCaller (1)” that has that same long list of unfamiliar files, and I was finally able to load sounds onto one phone after putting my own sounds into that new folder.

However, I cannot get the next phone to do the same. Clicking “Install Default Files” doesn’t do anything except give me a new link that says “Reinstall Default Files” and also does nothing. I have unlinked the first phone from Dropbox and powered it down, but that does not seem to help.

What gives?

thanks, dc

ok - the “touch to install default files” just unzips some example sounds and uploads them to your dropbox into the “Apps/StageCaller” folder

the current iOS StageCaller version is restricted to only seeing what’s in the “Apps/StageCaller” folder in your Dropbox account - so if your sounds are not there, well, you won’t see them from the app (this is not true for the android version which allows you to see your entire Dropbox - I’m hoping to get both apps doing the same thing, but it’s been a problem…) - you should be able to pull the empty list down to get the list to refresh if necessary

now, that being said - I’m not sure what’s going on with the 3rd device, there should be no restriction on the number of devices attached to a given account - you can disassociate the device and try again by disconnecting from dropbox (in StageCaller > Settings… scroll down to the bottom to find “Click to unlnk Dropbox account”) - what’s the iOS versions on each device? (more importantly on the 3rd device since that’s the broken one)

have you tried installing the Dropbox app on each device and logging in with your account to verify that each device can connect to dropbox?

OK, I figured out the issue with phone #2 - I don’t think I can install apps myself because the phones are hooked to the lender’s iTunes account. We thought we were getting fully updated phones but that one was not updated to the correct version, so it is going back to the lender for an iTunes password.

On the first phone (the success story) I had put my sounds in Dropbox/Apps/StageCaller/, but the app did not see them. After I downloaded the “default” sounds, the app created a second folder “StageCaller (1)” and still did not see the first, but when I put my sounds in the second folder, the app saw and loaded them. Weird, but it works.

The third phone may just be broken. When I click on the username blank to put in my Dropbox email address, it shows the keyboard for an instant and then takes it away before I can type anything. Have you seen anything like that?



that 3rd phone is odd… you could try to reset the phone (erase all content & settings) and then reinstall everything again… but I’m not sure its worth doing