Device Not Found On Qlab

Hello All,

I’m a college student new to Qlab and we’re starting tech week very soon.

I’m using Stagecaller, Qlab 2, a Netgear Router, and testing with a iPhone with OS 9.3.2 (as well as another 2 iTouchs and iPhone).

My problem is that the app is not recognizing any MIDI Addresses and Qlab is not detecting either. They are both on the network I created.

Thanks for the help!

I recently (ie: last saturday) made a video of basic OSC & MIDI setup - it’s at StageCaller MIDI/OSC Setup Demo - YouTube

check your ‘MIDI Network Setup’ screen in the ‘MIDI Audio Setup’ app - it should look like

oh - I should also mention that I use MIDI Monitor from - it’s pretty handy for watching a session