Connection dropping on phone lock, 5s, ios 7.1.1

First time using on a 5s/7.1.1. Connection is clean when the phone is open, and receiving cues, but as soon as it locks, it’s dropping from the midi network. Am I missing something?

hmm… I’m assuming you’ve turned on the ‘background’ switch and you’re running v1.3 of stagecaller

so, you’re seeing the device drop out of the midi network setup app as soon as the device locks?.. you could try turning on and setting up a midi heartbeat from the device (assuming you haven’t already) just to see if that helps…

other than the background switch being set to off, there’s no specific reason why midi (or osc for that matter) would shutdown immediately on device lock - I have seen some wireless networks drop a device after a certain amount of network inactivity… but it’s rare and that doesn’t sound like your issue…

I don’t have a 5s to test on at the moment, but I can probably get a hold of one - I’ll see what Rob K. thinks about this too, he’s got a lot more field experience than I do

you wouldn’t happen to be in the NYC area would you?