Cant activate stop on swipe

Does anybody know why on an iPhone 5s running OS 10.2 cant activate the swipe to stop feature? I have activated all notifications, installed it allowing all notifications, reinstalled and just about everything else I can think of. It doesn’t bring up an answer screen or anything when I send the OSC command either. All it does seem to want to do is play the sound. We are using a closed WiFi network the phone is in airplane mode with wifi activated. The only way I can make it stop from the phone is the volume change. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, we go into tech on Friday evening.

*Side note we tried it on an iPhone7 OS 10.3 (current os), for curiosity sake, and same exact symptoms other than the OSC seemed buggy with the 7.

it’s because when apple introduced callKit in iOS 10 they changed the way swipe to stop works… the notification actually occurs but it’s no longer visible to the user

I’m sorry - I thought I had put in a note to users in iOS 10+ about this, but your post makes me think I didn’t

:+1: Thanks for the fast response! I’ll look for an iOS 9.x image to put on the phone to make it work then. I doubt that my actors will be able to consistently hit the volume button.

so, “stop on pickup” should still work (depending on the device) when the device is moved - and there’s always sending a stop cue… but I understand that neither is perfect

I should mention that I’m working on a fix for “stop on swipe”, but it won’t be ready for friday